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Our Modules

EzzyBooks consists of a number of modules that work together to offer an end to end solution to our customers, Customer relationship and accounting modules are packaged along with any other module that your type of business needs. Here is a bullet view for some of our major modules.

Accounts and financial reporting

A/C chart, categories and sub categories,Core financial reports both cummulitive and periodic with drill in and out, journals entry, financial periods, budgeting, reconciliation. See Demo

Realtor Management

Manage tenant leases, Rent collection, occupancy, tax reporting, agents, landlords and care takers payments, building and other expense tracking, bank reconcilliation See Demo

Customer Relationship Management

Customer bio data, accounts opening, file,images and other documents management, leads and tasks management, email and message templates. See Demo

Loans Management

Application management, credit scoring, guarantors and collateral management, approval and disbursement tracking, auto interest and penalty, flexible reporting, cash, bank, mobile money payments tracking and intergration, bank reconcilliation. See Demo

Inventory and supply chain

Goods and services tracking, reorder levels, requisitions, orders, issues, quotes, returns and invoice processing, creditors and debtors tracking. See Demo

HR Management & Payroll

Time sheet, performance and evaluation monitoring, recruitment and learning management, leave and absentism management, salary, benefits and deductions management See Demo

  • Who We Are.......

    CompWeb Software Solutions EA ltd was founded in 2007. We are an ICT Solutions provider offering total end to end solutions within East Africa

    With close to 10 years in the market, we have been able to provide cutting edge solutions in development, customization and implementation by adapting to the changing needs and growing demands by our customers and leveraging on technological innovations to make this happen

  • How We Do It.......

    We operate as business partners with our customers, We sit where our customer is sited so that we can see the horizon from their position and in the end, there is no disconnect between their problem and the solution we provide

    we are able to sustain these customer through our support team of qualified enthusiastic programmers as well as compelling partnerships with the world’s leading management information systems providers who helps us implement and deliver world class enterprise solutions to our customers.

What is EzzyBooks ?

  • An intergrated management information system consisting a number of modules that are customizable to fit in to any institutions operations
  • EzzyBooks is developed by CompWeb Software Solutions EA ltd, implementation and training is handled by Compweb as well as a network of Agents within East Africa that are equiped with the necessary knowledge from our Head office in Nairobi
  • Customization is centrally handled at the head ofice but requests for customization can be submitted through our agents, support lines, email.
Retail & Services management

In this sector, the system has been customized for; Supermarkets, pharmacies, Eye clinics, Resturants and Clubs, Beauty shops, Hardware stores, Agrovets,Cloth shops and boutiques....... Read more.

Microfinance & Saccos

Designed with BOSA/FOSA as well as basic and extensive loans processing requirements, it's in use in microfinance institutions, matatu saccos, farmers saccos, investment saccos/groups. Read more

Real Estate

Management of office rental units, resdential rental units, lodgings, stalls, long term and short term leases; for agents, realtors, estate developers and landlords as well as....... Read more

Manufactruring & Production

Gas packaging and distribution, paint manufacturers, animal feeds producers, maize millers, textile industry are some of the complete customizations that are available with....... Read more

Non profit organizations

customized to track funds, facilitate compliance, track and categorize expenses and recurrent bills as well as manage memberships for Charities, religious groups/churches and private foundations Read more

Agency Management

An end to end customization that covers insurance agencies, travel agencies, marketing agencies, its is designed to manage customers, financial collections, entities and commissions Read more

Law firm management

CRM, File management and accounting modules intergrated to cover all operations and financial aspects of a law firm for easier case management and retriaval of files Read more

Fleet Management

Track incomes and expeses for individual entities in a fleet, used in matatu industry, long distance track owners, logistics and shipping companies, taxi companies, clearing and ..Read more

Business Intelligence

Giving you clear business insights by measuring and monitoring your overall business performance Including customisable Director, Finance and Manager dashboards, you have a complete... Read more

  • "We are a farmers sacco and society with over 5000 members, managing of milk collections, store deductions, advances, loan deductions and other calculations was a hard and erronious task that would extend for over five days after the due date, but after introduction of EzzyBooks MIS and EzzyBooks mobile app, we are now able do our calculations acurately and pay our farmers on time"


  • "We are an establishment including Jikomart chain of supermarkets,Salamis Restaurant and Lifestyle Gym that aims at establishing itself all over Kenya with EzzyBooks we are able to controls our suppliers by assigning oficers to this suppliers for easier management, automatic order processing, and flexible inventory and accounts reporting have helped us to manage our supermarket, consolidated reporting also helps us evaluate performance for the entire establishment"


  • "We are a sacco with over 7000 members, 5 savings products and 7 loan products, to enable us serve our customers better, we have over 30 field officers. Managing an institution with this dynamics can be very complicated but with EzzyBooks MIS and EzzyBooks mobile app, we have been able to achieve 100% automation and speed up our end of day processes something that we would carry forward to the next day in our previous system"


  • "Managing client files, file activities and billing can be very difficult in our kind of business, after introduction of EzzyBooks we are able to store every file in its digital format, therefore retriaval and updating of this files as well as tracking bills as been made easier since we dont have to browse through paper work in our file cabinets to get something done"


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Other Service

As part of value addition, EzzyBooks is intergrated to our bulk sms service. for Existing EzzyBooks customers, this service is offered for a maximum of 90 cents per sms or lower based on traffic. for non EzzyBooks customers this service is still accessible
EzzyBooks has a backup utility, that can only backup to a storange device attached to the server, Compweb systems however offers alternative offsite backup facilities at friendly rates
If a customization does not exist for your kind of business, our developers can make a custom system for your business based on your specific requirements, this custom systems can freely intergrate to the existing system
we do custom mobile application development based on specific customer requirements and current market standard, this can be financial, social or utility app.
with our proffessionally trained DBAs we can recomend and design your database structure
We provide system intergrations for businesses using EzzyBooks or any other systems, This intergrations can be to other applications, mobile apps, payment gateways, BI and any other type of intergration that might be required

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